"At its essence, sustainability means ensuring prosperity and environmental protection without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs." Ban-Ki Moon (UN Secretary-General 2007 - 2016)

Consumers today understand the need to maintain the delicate balance that exists between prosperity and environmental protection. The health and longevity of our planet and natural resources depend on it. Just as the prosperity of our business and the communities we serve does.

Here at Agrimco, we take our responsibilities to the planet and the communities we operate in to heart. Not only do we strive to be a trusted supplier of agri-commodities,but we do so with our stakeholders in mind. Our objectives as a world class agri-commodities supplier are set under a three-tier philosophy.


Sustainability is a core value weighed into all of our policies as a growing business. By making our business decisions based on a culture of sustainability we not only establish the fundamentals for the future of our operations but also safeguard the future of our various stakeholders. At the epicenter of our efforts for sustainability are the farmers and communities in which we operate which we strive to build long-term relationships with.


Upholding standards

Our approach to sustainability is designed to inspire long-term confidence from our stakeholders. Our team and partners are the key agents in driving transparency, compliance and overall good governance. It is within our ability to exercise effective risk management for our stakeholders. 

Our adherence to good governance practises acts as the compass in how we navigate our legal, environmental and social responsibilities as an organization. Thus while pursuing our objectives, we do not compromise on sustainability practices.

All the key elements of our corporate structure, inclusive of our employees and partners are subject to a code of conduct which revolves around our business philosophy. This brings out an innate sense of direction in the organization.

The framework employed for risk management allows for a high success rate in mitigating fraud and corruption risks from all our activities. With a system of accountability embedded into our corporate structure, our culture encourages feedback on issues of misconduct or compliance within our corporate policies.


Product Quality and Safety

Product quality and safety come first. In our mission to provide high quality agri-commodities to the customer and distributors, we consistently apply measures to ensure all our products are safe. We carry out due diligence on the food safety hazards that affect our product and service offerings and adhere with all reputable compliance regulatory standards. We aim to align our processes with the best industry standards and aspire towards the industry benchmark status itself.


We Care For Our Employees

We value our dedicated team members and we want our employees to grow and flourish within our organization. We strive for our employees to be able to enjoy their full rights and have access to equal opportunities. And importantly, we want them to be able to enjoy these freedoms in a safe and healthy workplace. It is our understanding that by giving our people safety and opportunity for growth, our organization grows in excellence.


Diversity and Working Conditions

We appreciate the fresh perspective that is brought about by the cultural diversity as well as the diverse experiences our team members have.

We do not limit the potential of our employees and take pride in being able to harness their creativity in addressing our core business.

Our Code of conduct highlights our commitment to creating an inclusive workplace where human rights are respected. We recognize and abide by universal human rights under the guidance of international standards for labor and working conditions.


Health and Safety

Safe working environments are key to the success of our industry. It is therefore in our interest to provide a safety conscious management system and create awareness within our employee body. We advocate for safe work practises within our operations and provide our employees with the resources necessary to make this their reality.


To help enforce a culture of safety in the workplace our employees and contractors have access to health and safety training. Our efforts have high engagement. This is our way of establishing a culture of safety in the workplace where every member of our organization is an active contributor towards the safety of others and their own.


Environmental Impact 

Our team and suppliers are committed to building efficient supply chains through sustainable means. We do so by ensuring the minimal environmental impact from our operations through environmentally friendly and socially sustainable agricultural practises.


Commodity Sourcing

We are consistent in our aim to provide a sustainable means to meet our customers needs in bio-commodities. We are part of a complex supply chain and impose our Supplier Code of Conduct to drive forward an agenda for sustainable and responsible commodity sourcing. This is the framework in place to ensure that our suppliers and partners share the same principles towards safeguarding the environment as we do. 

We strive to meet the world’s demand for food in a responsible manner and ensure that the farmers we work with have the support they need to carry out good agricultural practises. This extends to other stakeholders involved in our operations including our distributors. We do our best to consult with our stakeholders on how best to meet the challenges faced in reducing the environmental impact of our supply chains.


Building strong communities

Our business works closely with communities we serve through partnerships. Hence it is within our agenda to make a positive social impact in these communities. With our operations spanning across Eastern Europe and across the globe, we are involved with diverse communities that help us meet our goals through sustainable means. They support our operations helping us to meet demand for our products without neglecting care for our animals, land, air and water.

We engage the communities we work with through support for sustainable livelihoods and various community initiatives that touch on issues that affect our business and the communities we serve alike.


Supporting Sustainable Livelihoods

Through our responsible approach to land acquisition and leasing, we give support to sustainable livelihoods through a respectful perspective on land rights. Our policies respect the legal and customary land rights of local communities and Indigenous Peoples. This is part of our efforts to support secure and equitable rights to land and natural resources in the communities we work in.


Sustainability reporting

We take upon the responsibility to publish sustainability reports that reflect on our achievements in meeting sustainability throughout our operations.