Welcome to AGRIMCO AG

At Agrimco, we take a new approach to the supply of agri-commodities. Leveraging cutting-edge industry innovations and a highly experienced team, Agrimco possesses unparalleled capabilities to meet the world’s needs for food, health and wellness in a responsible manner.


Who we are

We are a leading food and agribusiness based in Zug, Switzerland. Our operations span Europe and beyond providing agri-commodities to thousands of customers across the globe—from the famous fortune global 500 organizations to small family-run businesses in the heart of Switzerland.


Our team combines Swiss-efficiency with sustainability through a well-planned ECO2030 plan, which aims to reduce the carbon footprint of vessels, railway carriages and trucks


What We Do

We are focused on being the leader in the global grains, wheat, barley, corn and so much more. Our globally integrated supply chain stems from surplus producing countries to supply regions with high demand. It’s our earnest endeavor to provide enough safe and nutritious food for the globe, at the same time caring for our animals, sustaining our land, air and water for the future generations to come.



Dynamicity. Efficiency. Sustainability. If we could sum it all in three words, this is what Agrimco is all about. We aim to build long-term relationships with our shareholders, farmers, customers, communities and countries in which we operate., providing consistent tailored solutions for agri-commodities.


Our values and robust corporate governance help to keep our people well-aligned with their responsibilities, enabling us to maintain an effortless and amicable team spirit.

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